Cardiobase is proud to announce that 30 years ago, we implemented the first solution to electronically manage Pacemaker clinics, replacing mountains of paper and accurately forecasting follow-ups. The product quickly evolved to become the whole of department Cardiac patient management system that we know today.

To reflect on the last 30 years, we asked our first customer, Associate Professor Harry Mond to share his thoughts:

“I can remember 30-years ago in August 1989, Barry Pate coming to see me in the Pacemaker Clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital with his idea of creating a computer program that would enable the pacemaker physician to follow-up patients. At that time, pacemaker records were disorganized and there were several pacemaker recalls which made us realize that we had no way of readily identifying vulnerable patients. By December of that year, we conducted our first clinic using Pacecare, later to become Cardiobase. It was an immediate success and indeed despite many attempts, there is still no superior product on the market. Within a year, we had reported our experience (Strathmore N, Mond H et al: “Pacecare” – A Computerized Database for Pacemaker Follow-up. Pacing and Clin Electrophysiol 1990; 13: 1787-91).

Congratulations Barry on the great work you have done. You can be proud of the role you have played in protecting pacemaker patients and providing a tool for physicians and technicians to allow speedy and accurate follow-up.”

– Associate Professor Harry Mond