Cardiobase was founded in 1989 and we have been supporting customers ever since.

Our founder, Barry Pate, noticed that as technology evolved, so did modern health requirements. He founded Cardiobase on two key principles, grow with your customers and offer best-in-class support.

Initially, Cardiobase was a computerised pacemaker implant register and follow-up system. However, as time went on, there was a need to further support Cardiology departments with technical solutions.

In 2016, Cardiobase shifted focus from being a software company to a solutions company. Our objective is to ensure that the end-to-end client outcomes are achieved rather than providing an one-size-fits-all software.

While leading software will always be at the core of Cardiobase, we recognise the major challenges in the industry and consequently Cardiobase has adapted to offer a solution that comes with a full range of support, integration and analytical services to ensure that customers are able to realise the full benefits of an integrated solution.

Our growing customer support and development team, based in Australia and the UK is bringing better and effective product delivery to our customers whilst gaining a greater understanding of our client’s real needs and how we can help them.

This enables our customers to be fully supported and allowing them to focus their time and energy on delivering top quality patient care.

Cardiobase is now in over 5 countries and has provided over 400,000 patient outcomes annually.

Leading Technology Group

In 2015, Leading Technology Group acquired a controlling interest in Cardiobase. The aligned mission of closely supporting healthcare, made Cardiobase an ideal acquisition for Leading Technology Group.

Leading Technology Group is an investment company with a primary focus on service and technology businesses in the life sciences and health industries.  

Cardiobase is proud to be a part of the Leading Technology Group, and together we share the same vision to deliver solutions that improve healthcare outcomes for patients globally.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a seasoned technology leader who has been with Cardiobase since 2018, where he has been instrumental in delivering cutting-edge solutions for both public and private sectors. With a strong passion for leveraging technology to improve patient care, Mark is a Chartered Engineer with degrees in Engineering, IT, and an EMBA. Based in Melbourne, originally from Queensland, Mark’s purpose-driven leadership and commitment to excellence have been key drivers of Cardiobase’s success in the healthcare technology industry.

Barry Pate

Barry Pate


Having founded the company Barry brings a wealth of experience in creating outcomes for clients. Barry is at the forefront of Cardiobase’s development ensuring that we continue to deliver outstanding service and outcomes for clients. Barry is based both in the Melbourne and United Kingdom offices.

Graham Clarke

Graham Clarke

Principal Consultant

With a decade of experience in development, integration and customer management Graham specialises in client outcome delivery through directly working with departments. Graham is based in the United Kingdom office.