Cardiobase can now develop tablet modules to make best use of clinician time on wards. Customers often tell us how frustrating it is to wait for a spare computer while doing ward rounds.

Recently, we developed a tablet module to improve the efficiency of doing ECGs on the ward. We compared this solution to a laptop-based solution and found it takes just 2 minutes and 4 touches instead of 14 minutes and 14 clicks per study. This project was delivered in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospital and the Take Heart charity.

We asked Andrew Fitzpatrick (Clinical Service Manager – Non-Invasive Cardiology) to share his thoughts:

“We were able to put vision into reality and this has significantly improved patient care as well as the communication and wellbeing within the team. The solution allows us to see more patients in a timely manner, allowing staff to manage their workload in a productive way as well as share the workload by creatively working together.” This technology is highly customisable and can be designed to fit a range of workflows and studies. If you would like to learn more about how you can save time and optimise your workflow, please contact us at or call on +61394390221.