Software solutions designed

to connect the disconnect in your Cardiology department. 


Cardiobase is a customer-centric solution provider  based in Australia and the UK. We focus on delivering solutions and achieving customer outcomes.

What we do

Our expert consultants work with sites to collaborate and create opportunities that optimise workflows.

We partner with customers, giving them the confidence to leverage technology within their department.

Cardiobase work with a range of different health providers across multiple disciplines. 

Each customer interaction is unique and we focus on providing customer solutions that suit your specific requirements.

How we do it

At Cardiobase, each customer interaction is unique. We pride ourselves on being the best-in-breed business that have an intimate understanding of what is essential for a cardiology department to function.

Through close collaboration, we will design a solution with you, using your workflows and our systems, to give you the best solution for your department.  

Cardiobase has a range of products designed to support health technology. We cater for a range of specialities that are vital to patient care.

From Cardiology solutions, Respiratory solutions and Clinical Trials solutions, we look to build sustainable products that can support our customers. We leverage our same solution design framework across multiple products to ensure we deliver customer value in every interaction.

Cardiobase increases efficiency and reduces clinical risk by tailoring our product to suit your department’s specific needs. We can optimise the workflows for data collection with modules tailored to your requirements and distribution of information through integration and automation of manual processes.

Clinibase offers comprehensive support to suit your clinical trial needs.

The Clinibase CTMS is designed specifically for Australian sites and can be customised and tailored to every site’s unique needs and processes.

Clinibase Recruitment is a premium patient recruitment solution to deliver eligible participants straight into your calendar.



Rezibase has been developed over the past 8 years by experienced respiratory scientists to meet a critical need in clinical physiology labs (Respiratory, Sleep and others) for an effective and efficient lab data management system. Rezibase is currently in use in many Australian teaching hospitals and private laboratories.


Keep your staff safe with Rezibase: Mask Fit, a solution that helps record qualitative and quantitative data from high-tech, laser testing designed to find the perfect mask for each of your team members and to avoid the spread of infectious pathogens.