Unlock your data with 

Data Services 

Cardiobase has developed Data services, a simple and clean system to give your characteristics it doesn’t already have. Data services will make data more available, resilient, and understandable, which will make your data more useful to users and departments. Cardiobase’s Data service functions turn inputs into outputs.

How it works

Using your existing Cardiobase data, we can give you instant access to business performance insight. Your practice data will be transformed into easy to interpret dashboards that will give you clear insight into your practice. 

What it can do for you! 

Cardiobase aims to reduce dependency on spreadsheets, manual uploading and downloading, and manipulation of data that is often complex and prone to error. Cardiobase provides a live-data dashboard that can be built to support your department’s needs.

Save Time

Departments can ensure they remain focused on patient care and not being weighed down by having to generate reports. Reports and dashboards can be viewed quickly and easily to see the performance of your department with a click of a button.

Financial Power 

Ensure that you are receiving the right benefits for your practice. Using data services aligned with our Billing module, Cardiobase will ensure that you no longer are behind on your billing, and you are claiming for all services throughout the department.

Greater Insight 

Data services will enable sites to use data driven insights to make the right decision for the department. Having clear and comprehendible access to data is imperative to making the right decisions for your department. Data services will give a clear single view of the operations and financial performance of the department.

Next Steps 

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