For the last 30 years, Cardiobase has been working closely with clinicians to improve patient care. This close working relationship and continual refinement have made Cardiobase the industry-leading Cardiovascular Information System.

We recognise that no two cardiac departments are the same, so a one size fits all product is not appropriate. Cardiobase is flexible, scalable and adaptable to cover a range of needs. Cardiobase handles referrals, inpatient and outpatient bookings, billing, tailored clinical modules for tests and procedures performed in Cardiac departments along with extensive integration capability. 


Clinical Governance

Cardiobase is used for clinical governance, compliance reporting and day to day department management. Cardiobase is used to mandate data capture, increase compliance, follow up unsigned reports, better allocate staff and machines, help reduce waiting lists and reduce DNA rates.


Cardiobase offers a wide range of off the shelf modules for referrals, appointment scheduling, tests, procedures, billing and reporting ready to be customised to your needs. We have modules to cover all Cardiology needs and when a new procedure is created, we can quickly and easily create a new module. Cardiobase is built to easily adapt to your departments evolving needs.  


Cardiobase works with other vendors such as Mortara, PBRC, GE and Siemens to bring you an integrated solution. Cardiobase uses Health Level 7 (HL7) in most of its interfaces. This gives us the capability of easily integrating to almost any system or device that is HL7 compliant. We also have integration with email, file shares, PDF file attachment, XML, DICOM Worklist, Web Services and JSON. Our highly capable integration team is eager to take on any integration challenge. 


What is Cardiobase?

Cardiobase is the leading Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) for Cardiac departments in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Cardiobase is the obvious choice for busy departments that need a fast, reliable and easy to use the system with true connectivity to their other hospital systems. 


Cardiobase is a sophisticated web application connected to a robust SQL database. Cardiobase has proven interfacing capability, robust data auditing and advanced reporting.

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