Why Cardiobase

Cardiobase is designed to focus on creating the most efficient and systematic workflows to support Cardiology team members maintain and improve patient outcomes.

Cardiobase is unique, we are a customer centric organisation that builds long term relationships with our clients to build a trusted solution that delivers value and high customer support.  

 We partner with you 

Cardiobase recognise that no two cardiac departments are the same, so a one size fits all product is not appropriate. Cardiobase is flexible, scalable, and adaptable to cover a range of needs. 

We don’t do off the shelf solutions- we have over 33+ years of experience and this has shown us that through partnership with our customers, we can support you create the most efficient workflows for your systems and deliver in the short and long term, both cost efficiencies and process improvements

 A custom solution for your department

At Cardiobase, we know that there is diverse requirements across different Healthcare environments. With our long history in working with a range of difference customers, we custom our solution to meet the needs of your department.

When you work with us, you will get a tailored solution based off your requirements and partnered with our experience.

Integrated solutions 

 Cardiobase delivers a true connectivity to healthcare systems. Using health level integrations, we can connect the disconnect in Cardiology departments. We deliver real time and fast integrations with multiple systems across a health service.

  Connect via the cloud

Cardiobase is a sophisticated web application connected to a robust SQL database. Cardiobase can be used through multiple devices and does not require local installation on every desktop within a hospital. Using cloud technology Cardiobase is truly mobile, allowing for flexibility within the health service.

Maintain high quality and safe care 

Cardiobase is used for clinical governance, compliance reporting and day to day department management. Cardiobase is used to mandate data capture, increase compliance, follow up unsigned reports, better allocate staff and machines, help reduce waiting lists and reduce DNA rates.

  Cardiology specific modules

Cardiobase has a range of base modules that can be tailored and integrated into your workflows to improve patient care. With over 33 years of building modules that are specific to our customers, we know how important it is to listen to our customers when they want to tailor their solution to their workflows.

We grow with you 

As your department grows, so does your requirements. Cardiobase keeps up with the latest technology and ensures we are continuing at the forefront of innovation. As you bring in new equipment and devices, we make sure that we have a seamless integration pathway.

Lets connect

Reach out to our team today and see how Cardiobase can work for you.