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A clever approach to organise your Rezibase Mask Fit tests 

Helping protect the respiratory health of your staff with less admin. 

The Rezibase Mask Fit story and key difference

Keep your staff safe with Rezibase Mask Fit: a solution that helps record qualitative and quantitative data from high-tech, laser testing designed to find the perfect mask for each of your team members and avoid the spread of infectious pathogens.

During the last three years, the healthcare landscape has evolved rapidly amid the challenges of COVID-19. Healthcare workers and the general public wear masks to protect themselves and others from the Coronavirus, or other bacteria and pathogens.

Safety is a top priority for those working in healthcare. With more staff wearing masks in clinical settings, mask testing is a regular procedure that departments have built into their administrative regimes out of necessity to look after their staff. This testing is crucial as staff members try on different masks to find the right seal, shape, and design that works for their unique face shape. With the Rezibase Mask Fit solution, this testing information can be recorded and stored in a robust database that also evaluates data with in-built algorithms to find the best fit for them and ensure their protection while giving care to the community. 

Look after your valued health-care staff

Protect the health of your staff and boost productivity by providing the most suitable face mask to them using personalised data of their “best fit” as stored in Rezibase Mask Fit


Save time on data entry

Built with users in mind, Rezibase Mask Fit is an easy-to-use application that helps relieve the burden of data entry to allow fast and accurate data capture


Bolstered data security


Put aside fragile spreadsheets and unstable systems in favour of Rezibase Mask Fit that stores your data safely and can be reliably accessed for reporting or auditing to governing bodies

Complete mask re-testing faster

Boost staff attendance at mask re-testing by allowing staff to choose a time that suits them via an SMS-directed self booking system built into Rezibase Mask Fit

Quick access to reports for compliance

With the click of a button, users can readily export reports that are comprehensive and fit for submission to Australian government departments, for example the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Record data from any Mask fitting device


Our Rezibase Mask Fit application can hold data from any device manufacturer to suit the different resources of all health departments, such as Accufit and Portacount

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Rezibase Mask-fit is a leading Respiratory and Sleep information system designed by Cardiobase. Our products have made a lasting impact in both Australia and across many regions of the world. Get in touch today!


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