Solution-focused Clinical Trial Management System

Our platform offers the comprehensive support that your clinical trial needs using cutting edge cloud-hosted technology. Clinibase will help your organisation realize significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

The Clinibase difference

We do not adopt a plug-and-play approach with our Clinical Trial Management System. Why? Because we believe that every organisation has unique systems and processes. Therefore, Clinibase can be fully customised to fulfil your organisation’s clinical trial needs and requirements. Furthermore, we use surveys to troubleshoot, recognize areas for improvement, and automate all components of your daily clinical trial processes.

Optimised Participant Involvement

Quickly locate eligible participants with our social integration tools to recruit them faster. Keep your participants engaged with smooth communication tracks that enable high retention and foster positive participant experiences.

Data with integrity

Enhance the validity of your trials knowing that data is recorded accurately and stored safely. Carry out high quality clinical trials with our in-depth documentation capabilities and record keeping.

Dynamic Reporting

Take your data to the next level with analytics that provide significant insight into your clinical trials. Transform custom reports into interactive dashboards that update in real-time and allow users to monitor and evaluate key aspects of the clinical trial process.

Better participant logistics

Effortlessly manage your participant administration with our robust and user-friendly system. Capture and track important details about your participants and their visits with simplified database and scheduling aids.


Increased revenue

Raise your earnings and budget smarter with methods that help organise finances now so your team can accomplish clinical trials and plan for the future.

Enhanced user support

Users will feel confident as they navigate Clinibase with its sleek appearance and tailored controls to suit their roles and tasks.  Get back on track quickly with our detailed error screens or by reaching out to support who will process help requests in under one hour.

Management benefits

  • Improved tracking of all aspects of your clinical trials.
  • Less missed visits and fewer protocol variations.
  • Improved data management and reporting.
  • Greater visibility and transparency to yield a high-performance culture.


  • An increase in the reach of your recruitment.
  • A much faster recruitment process that generates the results you need.
  • A growth in revenue through increased recruitment per clinical trial.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Clinibase is a leading Clinical Trial Management System designed by Cardiobase. Our products have made a lasting impact in both Australia and across many regions of the world.

Follow in the steps of prominent research bodies like Emeritus Research who have harnessed the strength of our software to deliver great clinical trial outcomes.

Take advantage of all that Clinibase has to offer with our all-inclusive software package that will deliver results for your clinical trials.

Hear from our customers

“We identified that we had an opportunity to improve our business processes through Clinibase by effectively capturing and managing the daily running of our Clinical Trials Centre. Using Clinibase resulted in more than 25% improvement in recruitment and more than 50% reduction in billing effort over a period of 12 months. Having utilised Clinibase for the last few years the efficiency gains have resulted in a great return on investment and a growth in the company of 100%. This has become a fundamental tool of our business and we would recommend Clinibase to anyone conducting clinical trials.” 

Scott Needham, Business Development Director at Emeritus Research

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