Referral, Booking and Billing

Cardiobase stores referral documents which are visible to all users of Cardiobase. The referrals can be scanned in or received electronically. The referral is linked to a patient’s booking which records the intended test or procedure, the requesting doctor, the treating doctor, the billing status of the patient and other relevant details. Upon patient arrival, the test or procedure can be launched from the booking module and when complete a bill can be generated. Details can be checked for suitability with anything incorrect highlighted for correction. Once correct and complete the billing information can be sent automatically to the hospital accounting system for processing.

The referral module records the Service Type, requesting Doctor and a copy of referral document. The referral is always available for reference anywhere Cardiobase is available and will be linked to the patient’s booking record/s as required.

Cardiobase can be used to record all appointments and procedures for the patient. The patient’s booking is displayed in its time slot in the Cardiobase Booking module, which can be tailored to suit local requirements such as for clinics, tests and multiple locations.

The Billing record can be launched with a ‘right click’ option on the Booking day view or from the booking itself with the dedicated ‘Proceed to Bill’ button, or can be accessed from the module list on the patient’s main record.

A demonstration is highly recommended. Contact us to arrange one.