Designed to support healthcare departments manage patient care by creating a seamless & paperless workflow.

Cardiobase continues to focus on connecting the disconnect within Cardiology departments. Healthcare departments are in a constant battle to keep their departments running efficiently while delivering a superior patient experience.

Cardiobase’s department focused workflows help sites manage patient care and create a seamless and paperless workflow. Cardiobase has optional modules that can be tailored to each specific department’s workflows.  Cardiobase is a complex system that can support large, complex sites with unique user settings. These customer unique modules can be designed in direct consultation with doctors and healthcare workers from within that specialty.




Cardiobase offers a wide range of off the shelf modules for referrals, appointment scheduling, tests, procedures, billing and reporting ready to be customised to your needs. We have modules to cover all Cardiology needs and when a new procedure is created, we can quickly and easily create a new module. Cardiobase is built to easily adapt to your departments evolving needs.



Integration Capability 

In order to support critical care, Cardiobase has developed a comprehensive integration set. We understand the need for direct information exchanges through integrations in order to streamline patients processes. We are specialists in integrations and can connect the disconnect in any department.

Cardiobase’s strength, is our integration capability. Cardiobase is the best in class provider in the market for integrations. Cardiobase works with other vendors to bring an integrated solution. Cardiobase uses Health Level 7 (HL7) protocol in most of its interfaces. This gives us the capability of easily integrating to almost any system or device that is HL7 compliant. We also have integration with email, file shares, PDF file attachment, XML, DICOM Worklist, Web Services and JSON.

Our highly capable integration team is eager to take on any integration challenge.