Extend the reach of your clinical trial with Clinibase

 Why should you choose Clinibase?

Clinibase is a premium patient recruitment solution!

We understand that the running of clinical trials can be a timely and costly exercise for both the sponsor and the clinic. That’s where Clinibase comes in. Let us take that leg work out of, finding, screening, and delivering participants to your front door.

Experts in the field

Choosing Clinibase means getting expert management of all aspects of sourcing and screening participants. We commit to providing eligible participants for you booked straight into your calendar, which frees your clinics to focus on matters most to them, patient healthcare!

Explore our Clinibase offer

  • Access to our extensive database of potential participants
  • Marketing your trial on the major social media platforms
  • Ensuring that marketing advertisements and eligibility questions are ethically approved
  • Providing access to a larger pool of participants that’s diverse in demographic and health conditions
  • Shortening recruitment timelines with direct access to highly motivated participants
  • Contacting participants that register their interest, explain your trial to them, and win their commitment
  • Carefully screen participants against your study’s eligibility (inclusion and exclusion) criteria
  • Seamlessly enroll participants as we accurately match eligible individuals into your clinical study
  • Book eligible participants into your clinics according to your availability
  • Offering real-time data capture and key performance indicators
  • Giving on-demand insights into your trial’s performance to make informed decisions much faster

What you can expect from us

At Clinibase, we closely consult with your clinics to provide the right support to meet your organisation’s needs.

With Clinibase, you can expect:

  • The ability to set your own recruitment targets
  • A faster recruitment process that yields positive results
  • Face to face interactions with feedback delivered and implemented immediately
  • Freeing Clinic’s and sponsors to focus on what’s important to them

Solution finders

At Clinibase, we pride ourselves on not taking the “one size fits all approach”. You can be assured that we will work with you to understand what your needs are and how we can find the best way to deliver fully qualified participants to you, in a way that works best for you. We won’t ever be satisfied until we have delivered that outcome you want!

Clinibase is your best choice