Our Product

Clinibase is a solution-oriented Clinical Trial Management System created by Cardiobase. Our platform offers the comprehensive support that your clinical trial needs using cutting edge cloud-hosted technology. Clinibase will help your organisation realize significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

Our Services

We do not adopt a plug-and-play approach with our Clinical Trial Management System. Why? Because we believe that every organisation has unique systems and processes. Therefore, Clinibase can be fully customised to fulfil your organisation’s clinical trial needs and requirements. Furthermore, we use surveys to troubleshoot, recognize areas for improvement, and automate all components of your daily clinical trial processes.


Clinibase is a solution-focused Clinical Trial Management System that is powered by Cardiobase. Cardiobase launched Clinibase as a focused Clinical Trial Management System, bringing with them their extensive experience to provide benefits in the areas of recruitment, management, billing and reporting.

Your Success

Achieve success with Clinibase a superior Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that streamlines the way clinical trials are run and empower users at every stage.

Clinibase takes the hard work out of clinical trials by offering a comprehensive, secure, and high performing cloud-hosted system so your team can focus on what’s important – conducting trials that attain the best results.

Join more than 250 clinical trial experts who use Clinibase and manage over 40,000 participants in clinical trials that produce meaningful contributions for research.

What You Can Expect From Clinibase


Clinibase offers several benefits across key areas of your clinical trial:


  • An increase in the reach of your recruitment.
  • A much faster recruitment process that generates the results you need.
  • An increase in revenue through increased recruitment per clinical trial.


  •  Improved tracking of all aspects of your clinical trials.
  • Less missed visits and fewer protocol variations.
  • Improved data management and reporting.
  • Greater visibility and transparency to yield a high-performance culture.


  •  Accurate and efficient data collection through our cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Real-time collaboration across remote teams with easy filesharing and progress tracking.
  • Thorough data analysis that is automated and available on demand.
  • Centralized monitoring and report generation to help you meet all compliance requirements and make critical decisions.
  • Comprehensive support for all areas of your clinical trial that drives its progress and results.


  •  A significant reduction in missed or wrong billing.
  • Greater efficiency in generating and distributing invoices.
  • Easy tracking of invoice payments.
  • Reduced billing effort and more efficient use of staff’s time on core processes.
  • Fewer issues with reconciling your trial’s books to comply with internal and external regulations.

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